Category: Site Updates

New category!

It’s been brought to my attention that adding a personal category would be in the best interest of the users, so I added it. If you were hesitant about signing up in the past because of the lack of that category, then sign up right now!

I resisted… and lost

I decided to bite the bullet and buy the domain, Since this is a WP multisite installation, I’m not entirely sure if the redirect is working. So I installed a quick little page on Raconteuse to scoot everyone over here properly. I hope it works!

Open for business!

All righty then, I’m pleased with how everything looks here on the Docket, so I’m thrilled to say we’re reopened for submissions! Add your site – for FREE – today for some handy-dandy promotion. Because life is more than our social media pages. It’s about real people putting real words down on a page.

Sorry for the mess!

I’m still getting everything resituated after the Great Phoenix Uprising of 2019. Absolutely every last site that I own is being revamped into something fresh and new, and the Docket is on the docket, as it were, haha. I appreciate your patience!