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Filipina adjacent. (Bad) Feminist. INTJ-T. Mélomaniac. Pokémon Trainer. Raconteuse. Tsundoku. She/her. Hire me; link in bio!

New category!

It’s been brought to my attention that adding a personal category would be in the best interest of the users, so I added it. If you were hesitant about signing up in the past because of the lack of that category, then sign up right now!

I resisted… and lost

I decided to bite the bullet and buy the domain, Since this is a WP multisite installation, I’m not entirely sure if the redirect is working. So I installed a quick little page on Raconteuse to scoot everyone over here properly. I hope it works!

Open for business!

All righty then, I’m pleased with how everything looks here on the Docket, so I’m thrilled to say we’re reopened for submissions! Add your site – for FREE – today for some handy-dandy promotion. Because life is more than our social media pages. It’s about real people putting real words down on a page.


Writeropolis Industries

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Trollop & Apple

Shamelessly promoting my fanlisting collective, Trollop & Apple, to also promote the Rocket. This site is the home of everything that I own and have joined, fanlisting-wise. Anyways, I hope this encourages you to submit your site to the Rocket! Your site could be here instead. Who doesn’t like site promotion?


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Raconteuse is a portfolio site owned by Guilliean Pacheco. It contains all of her relevant work, ranging in theme from literature, movies, music, and articles that she feels should be shared with the world. Check the site out today! Get your site featured here on the Rocket!