Thank you so much for considering adding your site to the Docket. Here’s a little information to bring you to the Dark Side!

What is the Docket?

The Docket is a fresh-squeezed, heavily curated web directory that focuses on promoting websites run by real people.

Who is the Docket?

Hello there, nice to meet you! This site is run by Guilliean Pacheco. I’m a creativity concierge who is ready to help my fellow site owners get the word out on their sites.

Where is the Docket?

The Docket will always be found at https://thedocket.directory.

A link back to The Docket is required. You can use text links OR buttons.

When should I get into the Docket?

You can’t beat free. I’m literally doing this out of the goodness of my heart. I’m a firm believer in sweat equity. Google AdSense and Ko-Fi helps defray some of the maintenance costs.

There’s always the option to join the Rocket if you’re interested in supporting the Docket a little more deeply.

Why the Docket?

I’ve been designing sites for over 21 years. That’s a LONG time! Back in the day, I had a web directory of the same name. I enjoyed the catchiness of the name and it was fairly popular. With your help, we can bring it into the modern age.